Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup 2010- endings and beginnings

This little vuvuzela boy symbolizes everything that the World Cup has meant for South Africa. Today, it all comes to a close. So much has been said in the past month about the tournament- what it has meant for SA and the world.

For me, the World Cup has reminded me why I am South African and why I want to live here. I am living in a place in transition, a place with so much potential and passion and power. I feel that the boy in the picture can be part of that- that this country will take him to the places and spaces that his grandparents dreamed of, that it can help him achieve what he deserves, and in turn he will help South Africa blossom. 

I'm glad I live in a country where the headlines touch on the triumphs and tragedies of real people, navigating the turmoil of this place, and how despite the daily grind and pain and poverty, the World Cup has crystallized what it means to be South African- how far we have come, where we are going and what we are aiming for. 

The World Cup has been a mirror, reflecting to us and the world what we are capable of, even if we think we have lost sight of it. With this vision we will carry forward all the little boys like the one in the picture, achieving what we have only glimpsed during this World Cup. And like the little boy in the picture, we'll make a whole lot of noise doing it!

Image from weheartit

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