Monday, July 26, 2010

The inside story

As the editor of a property magazine, something I am passionate about conveying to our readers is the importance of investing in the interior of your property. 

Whether it your home or an investment that you rent out, investing in its interior can dramatically increase the value of your property. 

Interior designers say that a property with finishes, renovation or interior design returns at least 20% more in rentals that one that doesn't have these finishes.

One affordable way to add to the interior of your property is by investing in blinds and shutters. These will make your home or investment property look smart, chic and complete, adding a European, modern feel to any room.

 Taylor Window Blinds offers a range of options for blinds and shutters, and I recommend them as a source for beautiful and affordable blinds that are great quality.  

I think the wooden Venetian blinds are particularly lovely - they add a warmth to your home, which we definitely need in these cold winter months. In summer they will add to the glow of the room, are lighter than heavy curtains, and will protect your furnishings from the sun. 

So if you are looking to invest in the interior of your property, I highly recommend getting blinds or shutters as a first step towards adding value, warmth and quality to your home.  

Visit for more on how to get the best in blinds! 

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