Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To market....

I've been going through a market phase lately, trying to make the most of the last few summer weekends when you want to be outdoors... plus I just love markets! We went to the one at Century City (pretty good) and the Tokai market (highly recommended - it's lovely!) so I was thrilled to see that the new City Bowl Market on Hope was opening on Saturday 16 April, which was just down the road from me!

It definitely lived up to expectations. The hall has the character and atmosphere that every market needs, and the selection of food, crafts and fresh produce were perfect. We walked around and were spoilt for choice for lunch. I landed up going for an incredible butternut, gorgonzola and lentil lasagne that was simply delicious!

We ate upstairs on a balcony where a bar was set up, overlooking the market below. We then walked around and I bought this gorgeous wooden heart necklace, sweet cactus and fresh fruit and avocados (grapes, avos, pomegranates and pretty much everything else were only R5!)

If I had any points for improvement they would be firstly the seating - although I loved the look of the tables and hay bales, the hay was difficult to sit on, especially as I was wearing a dress! Also, more outdoor area would be great. Lastly, as someone who tries to eat sugar-free/wheat-free, it would be great to have some sugar-free baked goods - but that's just my personal preference!

All in all, I'm so excited about this market. It was busy without being overcrowded, is so convenient and had a great selection of market goods to allow me to enjoy a market for many more weekends to come! And with winter arriving soon, the indoor aspect is certainly a plus. I predict it becoming hugely popular with Capetonians in the months ahead!

Unfortunately, I only took a few photos with my BlackBerry - they certainly don't do the market justice! 

The City Bowl Market on Hope is open every Saturday from 9am - 2pm at 14 Hope Street, Gardens.
Visit www.citybowlmarket.co.za

I'm back!

I've probably set the record for not blogging for the longest period of time, but I'm glad to say I'm back! A new job, new place and the year flying at a crazy speed meant that I never got back here. But things are slowing down and I really want to get into blogging again! So hopefully you will see some new posts from me on a more regular basis. Love the inspirational image above, from We Heart It. xxx