Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tarot cards

I have always been fascinated by Tarot cards, and bought a pack a few years ago, along with instructions on how to use them. Tarot cards have a long and fascinating history- for example, despite Jewish law banning the use of imagery, Tarot has a strong connection to Kabbalah. Another thing I love about the cards is that the illustrations on various packs are simply beautiful. Despite their mystical connections, Tarot cards are straightforward to use, and I find them to be an extremely useful way to reflect on the state of my life or to resolve a problem. The cards are like a mirror- reflecting back at you ideas you may not have considered before, or confirming how you feel about things. I also find that they are usually incredibly "right" about where I am at that point, matching up to my situation exactly.

I highly recommend getting a pack of Tarot cards if you are looking for a new, creative way to reflect on your life, and to feel connected to the universe around you. There are many different packs to choose from, so choose one you feel connected with. I have the Medicine Woman pack (see picture above) - I love the imagery and the healing theme of the cards. I also recommend a Tarot Card book- one that includes it's fascinating history and instructions on how to use the cards.

What do you think about Tarot cards?

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